Temporary Museum for Permanent Objects From a Foreign etc

London Oxford Jewel


  London Oxford Jewel  sterling silver representing Oxford and London with a crown, skull crossed bones lilac and a jewel cast into silver. Rather than lace in the original idea drawing, I used a piece of crochet I found in an opshop in Bendigo. I cut and manipulated the original daggy cotton doily into the shapes I wanted, then cast them into silver. The full pendant/brooch is connected with bolt rings so that it can be worn in parts.  POFE 2012/13 1A   .

Mitford Bracelet



Mitford Charms gilt charm bracelet, with charms representing each of the sisters, the beautiful one, Diana Mitford, the horse mad one who also loved food Pamela Mitford, the lady writer who also loved clothes Nancy Mitford, the nazi, who attempted suicide with a little gun the day Germany declared war on Britain Unity Mitford, the communist who wrote about the American funeral business Jessica Mitford, and the one who became a duchess Deborah Debo Mitford.

 POFE2012/13 MC 

(Now I wear the bracelet I have made the swastika into a flower)

Pompeii Wisdom Pendant


  Pompeii Wisdom  necklace based on the kitchen mosaic of Axel Munthe’s Villa San Michele in Capri a copy of a mosaic of a skeleton holding 2 jugs (wine and water) from Pompeii and said to represent Carpe Diem. POFE2012/13PW1 

Polystyrene should be illegal

Polystyrene should be illegal necklace


Polystyrene beads and whittled polystyrene threaded on natural silk.

On the Foreign Excursion my mother's lovely friend Sylvia (who makes fabulous pots) was talking about polystyrene and said "polystyrene should be illegal", this is what I envisioned, like pearls but indestructible.


Surrounding Streets Paris and London



Surrounding Streets - Paris

Paris bangle - papier mache made from tourist maps.


Ashmolean Octopus cufflinks

Ashmolean Octopus Cufflinks


Ashmolean octopus cufflinks  sterling silver cast cufflinks based on a vase in the Ashmolean Museum POFE2012/13AOC

Pericolo di Morte cufflinks



Pericolo di Morte cufflinks sterling silver cast cufflinks based on a warning sign at the Naples port.  POFE2012/13PDM

A locked door... key pendant


   A locked door and a broken heart are not forever key pendant sterling silver cast with the saying. POFE2012/13ALDAABH1



I decided to have a closing as well.

Invitation for the exhibition


The exibition was at  MAILBOX141, 141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 17 March - April 19 2013

Then Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence St, Sydney. May 16-28 2013.

Launch with Harold Mitchell


 Harold Mitchell AC was kind enough to open the exhibition for me. There was crostoli and champagne - which would be my last meal if I had to choose. 

Exhibition in situ Mailbox 141



Quote from the pamphlet  

Melbourne has many small museums. The Australasian College of Surgeons' museum has old surgical instruments and masks taken from wounded soldiers; there is an ANZ Banking Museum with examples of not only money but also guns used to protect money; there is a Fire Services Museum and a Victoria Police Museum a Telstra museum of old phones and of course there was the Melbourne Museum of Printing.

I am fascinated by museums big and small so I was thrilled to have a (temporary) museum of my own. The collection for this museum was inspired by a trip to Europe in 2012. I tried to capture some of the experiences in permanent pieces that celebrate and continue the journey. All the pieces were related to the trip, from the more obvious like the bangles made from ephemera from the excursion, to the London Oxford Jewel which is based on what I saw in London and Oxford. I went to Kew Gardens and saw ducks in flight, in Paris I saw ducks standing around. All the pieces are displayed on photos that I took of clouds during the 'excursion'