About Me


My jewellery is usually made with silver or gold sometimes with pearls, sometimes also non-precious materials.

Words feature in a lot of the pieces and in my collecting, I passively collect Sweetheart Jewellery and actively collect They autographs

I make #Jewellerytowear I am not a bench jeweller, most of my work is created in wax by me first, cast, and then finished by Terry County or others. 

The jewellery is created in Melbourne Australia in a flat in the centre of the city.

I spend too much time on Instagram, Facebook on Pinterest and at The City Wine Shop.

(photo by Peter Lawford)

Creating a String Ring

The string ring really starts out with string, I wax the string and wind it around a mandrel, it is shaped and I tuck in the ends so there isn't a beginning or end to the ring. When I am happy with the ring it is cast in gold using the lost wax casting technique.

This video by Lord Coconut shows me adding wax inside and neatening the outside.