My Library

Melbourne City Library Ring


 A gold ring with two empty claws representing the possibilities awaiting the  borrower, also a diamond (for the literary gem), a ruby (passionate stories), and some coprolite (fossilised dinosaur poo - because sometimes the book is just crap). The shape is unusual, like the library with surprises around corners and unexpected spaces 

I think a cat stole my heart


I designed this ring for my friend Debbie, when she moved from Melbourne and got a cat. It was like a cat (Pookie) had crept into her house and stolen her heart.

The missing heart, the pawprints…

Niche 1

Brooch for a Comedian's Mother


Brooch for a Comedian’s Mother was designed for the comedians coming to Melbourne for the Melbourne Comedy Festival. I thought they needed a tasteful (but affordable) present for their mothers. It turned out a brooch would be too expensive, so I made a pendant.

Library catalogue card for library ring


I made library index cards for all the pieces - this is the card for the Melbourne City Library Ring.

Coffee rings and cufflinks

Cufflinks sitting on pulp crime novels by Peter Cheyney rings in front of a book about coffee

Cufflinks with Cafe Latte, chilli, BBQ and buttons, rings with the chemical formula for caffeine.

Because a ring doesn't show how much I love you


I wanted to make a bangle that showed this sentiment - it seemed to be best to just write it.