Why Anticipation


 The title comes from the suite of jewellery I made for myself to travel to London last year. I felt that going on the trip was only part of it, looking forward and planning and looking back and remembering gave just as much pleasure as being there. I made earrings where one says Anticipation, the other Nostalgia and a pendant/brooch that says Now.

I had planned the exhibition in the window of the Paperback to coincide  with the launch of Mudlarking Lost and Found on the River Thames by Lara Maiklem when the launch was postponed the title ANTICIPATION seemed appropriate.

in situ Paperback Books


In the window at Paperback Books Jewellery incorporating detritus “mudlarked” from the banks of the Thames during a trip to London in 2018, and collected locally from the recycling bin in my flats in Melbourne.

‘Mudlarks would search the muddy shores of the River Thames at low tide for anything that could be sold; . recently... individuals searching the foreshore for historic artefacts have described themselves as "mudlarks”’ Wikipedi

One Person‘s Trash...


Cast and formed silver, pearl, scavenged pipe-stem and food lid. 

Pipes are one of the most common things found Mudlarking on the Thames, kind of like the cigarette butts of their day (from the end of the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th). I have integrated the piece with current “rubbish“ the kind of thing that if there are future archaeologists they might find