Brooch for a Comedian's Mother


During the Melbourne Comedy Festival last year I noticed a lot of visiting comedians in town during the day. I figured that however wacky and zany they are, they all had mothers that are normal, and they all needed to buy their mothers a present from Melbourne. I thought I could make something.

The criteria I set myself were; tasteful (for the Mums), cheap (for the comedians) and uniquely Melbourne (for both of them). It turned out that a brooch was going to be too expensive. The solution was to put two loops on the back so it can be worn as a brooch by putting a safety pin through them, and it can also be worn as a pendant. I like that it's called a brooch even though it hasn't got a pin.

Since the Comedy Festival started I keep seeing comedians talking about their beautiful wives (and how they can't believe someone so lovely would marry them) so I'm going to make a 'Brooch for a Comedian's Wife'.

April 2008


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